TRAVEL MENTOR – Company Profile

Travel Mentor is a new face in the travel trade with rich background of Airline field. A full-fledged and well equipped office space of 1200 sq ft in the heart of business area of Rajkot is our strong introduction. It is an established corporation providing a full range of inbound and outbound travel services, with most modern facilities available. Mainly specializing in tours and holidays for corporate and individual travelers, the company also offers Worldwide Air/Water Ticketing, Worldwide Hotel Reservations, Visa Assistance, Airport Transfers, Travel Insurance, and worldwide tour/cruise/pilgrimage packages 24x365.

The Managing Partner Mr. Sajju Kanabar has made giant strides in the new millennium; both in terms of customer loyalty and business expansion. He was functioning as sales in charge in Jet Airways for the entire Kutchh and Saurashtra region. Eleven years of fine tuning in Jet Airways was very helpful in getting pulse of local market. He at the helm of affairs involves himself in the day to day operations of the agency and dedicatedly contributes to the development & progress of the brand name that’s ‘Travel Mentor’. Being extremely quality-conscious, this stalwart pay comprehensive attention to the infrastructure & the facilities of the businesses such that customers are always happy with the products delivered and the services offered.

Travel Mentor encourage all of our employees to remember our moral obligation and business imperative to honour our commitment to delivery & diversity. Every employee, regardless of religious, ethnic, or racial heritage, is a valued member of our workforce.

Our corporate culture is the single most important way in which, we can make Travel Mentor a special part of the lives of our customers & associates in the societies we serve. It forms the foundation upon which, we build a great conglomerate.

As a Group, we understand the expectations that our patrons have on us. Hence, we strongly emphasize on timely deliveries, process improvement, economic pricing of products & services, and training & recruitment of personnel as per the current market & professional demands.

 As we move ahead in this unmatched business endeavour of ours, we invite you to share this very experience, expertise and excellence.

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